Pleasant View Care Center

Location: Parma, OH

Pleasant View Care Center offers short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and a 24/7 nursing home that specializes in rehabilitating and caring for their residents.

Sadly, Pleasant View Care Center suffered damage to its first floor rooms after experiencing a flood. As a result, the facility required significant renovations, which included its HVAC system and amenities. They were in need of an energy-efficient system, compact footprint, individualized controls for each room and user-friendly technology. Jacco came prepared with a solution.

To address these needs, Jacco worked with the mechanical contractor and owner to lay out five 18-ton Samsung Simultaneous heating/cooling heat recovery VRF systems, providing the ability to individually control each room. The spaces consisted of a four-way ceiling cassette to evenly distribute the air.

Samsung’s compact mode change unit footprint allowed for easy installation in the already-crowded ceiling space, making for a quick installation of the new system.

Once the system was installed, Jacco performed the start-up procedure, which was comprised of a pressure test followed by a triple evacuation of the system to make sure it was properly installed.