Akron Children’s Hospital

Location: Portage, Boston Heights, Mansfield and North Canton, Ohio

When Akron Children’s Hospital built four new health centers in Portage, Boston Heights, Mansfield and North Canton, they sought out Jacco and AAON for their HVAC needs.

Through their partnership with AAON and CCG Automation, Jacco was able to give the new buildings reliable and efficient units with all the features they were looking for, including field-installed controls by a preferred temperature control contractor; modulating compressors; VFD condenser fans; VFD supply and return fans; and modulating exhaust dampers.

The ability to use field-installed controls inside the AAON unit let Akron Children’s Hospital use CCG automation. By keeping controls consistent, Akron Children’s Hospital can have a uniform front end for all of their buildings and the features provided with the units allow CCG Automation to take full advantage of the unit’s capability and optimize efficiency while maintaining building temperature and humidity.