Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm makes some of your favorite snacks, like Goldfish crackers and Milano cookies, and when they were looking to renovate one of their facilities, they knew they needed a work environment that was safe for visitors and workers alike.

The Austin Company turned to Jacco to provide options in delivering a clean-air environment that mitigated COVID-19 fears.

Jacco suggested Sanuvox S300 standalone air purifier with its germicidal UV lamp and HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 micron and larger, using a four-step air cleaning process. The S300 also provides 3 ACH per-hour, providing ~98% kill rate for COVID-19 per hour, making it ideal for retail spaces, schools, offices and baking facilities like that of Pepperidge Farm.

Pepperidge Farm also wanted to ensure there was air purification in the facility’s air handlers where work was taking place, so Jacco provided a combination of Sanuvox’s BioWall and Quattro systems.

These two air disinfection systems are installed in the return or supply ducting of Pepperidge Farm’s HVAC systems to disinfect airborne mold, viruses, bacteria and carbon-based odors. Sanuvox also provided Pepperidge Farm with kill reports for all commercial applications with % kill rate for requested airborne viruses and bacteria.

Thanks to the knowledge and work of Jacco, Pepperidge Farm can feel confident they are providing a clean atmosphere for the men and women working at their facility, ensuring the production of our favorite snacks and treats won’t miss a beat!