Sienna Mercato

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Square Footage: 12,000 ft2

HVAC System: 1 Aaon Dedicated Outdoor Air System, 1 Samsung Energy Recovery VRF System, 1 Samsung Heat Pump VRF System, 29 Fan Coil Units

The Story:

The installation at Sienna Mercato was a unique project with varying needs. Sienna Mercato’s owners wanted a highly efficient and quiet system that could be applied in a historic building renovation. The architect wanted to minimize ductwork while satisfying the comfort needs of the owner and their clientele. To fit both of these needs, the design engineer knew exactly what to propose: a Samsung DVMS system.

The existing building consisted of 2 floors that were being renovated as a kitchen, prep area, bar and dining area. The renovations would include the addition of a third floor with a retractable glass roof, for open dining during nice weather, and a liquor storage area. The owner wanted to maximize the roof opening, so it was extremely important to minimize equipment on the roof. The restaurant is also across an alley from residential living, so there were strict noise ordinances to keep in mind.

With the Samsung DVMS system we were able to place 53 tons of cooling in a compact area, while keeping outdoor noise levels at 62dBa or lower, well below the city’s strict ordinances. In all there are 2 VRF systems totaling 54 tons and 29 fan coils that are a mixture of wall mounted units, ceiling cassettes and fan coils.