Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center

Location: Cleveland, OH

Nottingham Spirk Innovation Center partners with companies to create thriving new business innovations that propel economic growth. When they needed innovation in their own building to meet heating and cooling needs, Jacco answered the call.

Nottingham Spirk’s headquarters was formerly the First Church of Christ, Scientist, located at 2200 Overlook Road in Cleveland, Ohio, and established in 1931. In 2003, Nottingham Spirk purchased the building and transformed it into the company’s headquarters, studio and laboratory space. The historic nature of the building offered various challenges for Jacco, specifically very limited space for placing equipment. To respond to this challenge, Jacco utilized AAON’s compact footprint to install 65 tons of uniquely engineered AAON rooftop units to the Innovation Center.

By using AAON, Jacco was able to provide Nottingham Spirk with

  • Modulating compressors for cooling operation.
  • Modulating stainless steel gas burners for heating operation.
  • VFDs for head pressure control.
  • Factory-installed direct drive power return fans.

Through ingenuity of their own, Jacco expertly solved the issues faced by the visionaries at Nottingham Spirk.