717 Credit Union

Location: Warren, Ohio

When 717 Credit Union, located in Warren, Ohio, was looking to upgrade their headquarters and move to a new facility, they reached out to Jacco to deliver the HVAC solution they were looking for.

Two new buildings needed a VAV system for comfort control and required a split air-handling unit and condenser due to space and weight requirement. 717 Credit Union also wanted a simple controls system for each building with single-point access.

To address their needs, Jacco decided on AAON split systems with V3 air handlers and CF condensing units for each building. Compact size V3 air handling units were able to fit in a small mechanical room and digital scroll compressors allowed for cooling capacity control.

The AAON split systems and VAV boxes with electric heat were tied into AAON’s free Prism controls software, allowing for control of both buildings from any location.