Steele Mansion Renovation with Jacco

Location: Painesville, Ohio

Steele Mansion is a historic building owned by Painesville Township residents, Art and Carol Shamakian (Shuh-MOCK-ee-an), located at 348 Mentor Ave.

Built in 1867 for George W. Steele, this beautiful building with intricate architecture required special attention when it came to preserving the historical integrity of the building. Jacco was able to come up with the right solution.

The Samsung DVM S Heat Pump System was a perfect fit for this job. With this system, there would be no need to worry about concealing ductwork throughout the home. Additionally, the Samsung DVM S system helps owners to increase energy efficiency with minimal operating cost.

DVM S HP: The Heat Pump System at Steele Mansion consists of two 10-ton modular outdoor units and 19 indoor units. Of the indoor units, nine of them are slim duct design and the other 10 are under ceiling/low-wall units. The majority of the slim duct design units are located on the second floor above the bathroom ceilings in the suites. The units are designed to run quietly, allowing visitors to experience comfort without interruption from noise. The under ceiling/low-wall units are primarily in the common areas on the first floor, with two additional units located on the second floor sitting areas. The units are disguised with decorative covering that allows enough ventilation to move air while maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

DVM S is a highly innovative system that adopts the new third-generation Samsung Scroll Compressor (SSC) technology. With its Dual Smart Inverter, DVM S provides top-class energy efficiency and the most powerful cooling and heating performance. This air-conditioning system satisfies a range of environments, making it the perfect fit for a historical project like the Steele Mansion.

The Third-Technology
Samsung’s new third-generation technology adopts dual inverter compressors and an upgraded vapor injection system, exceeding the performance of previous versions of the system. This optimization of efficiency provides clients with lower energy costs.

Top Class Energy Efficiency
DVM S has achieved top class energy efficiency by adopting a dual inverter compressor with a vapor injection system. Simultaneous heating/cooling efficiency: ratings as high as 27 Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER), 30 Simultaneous Cooling and Heating Efficiency (SCHE).

DVM S has achieved superior Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER), which far surpasses competitor’s EER at all ranges. On average, DVM S has 13% higher EER than competitors.

DVM S’s European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ESEER) also surpasses competitor’s ESEER at all ranges. On average, it has 4% higher rate than competitors.

Wide Operating Temperatures
When you use DVM S, there’s no need to worry about using an additional unit for severe temperatures. It has a wider temperature allowance, meaning you can cool in the burning heat of 118°F or provide warmth in the freezing cold of -4°F.