Lakeland Community College Takes Energy Conversation Measures with Samsung VRF

Location: Kirtland, OH

When Lakeland Community College began its search for the right VRF equipment, Jacco proved to be the best company to provide guidance and next-level machinery.

With the use of Samsung VRF equipment and the energy efficiency that comes with the machinery, Lakeland Community College received $10.5 million in bonds from the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority (OAQDA) to fund the project.

Other efforts to obtain maximum energy efficiency included the use a hybrid geothermal well field, decoupled AAON DOAS units, increased thermal insulation, triple pane glazing, collaborative design envelope optimization, LED lighting, lighting controls and plug load controls.

By choosing this combination of VRF and DOAS from Jacco, Lakeland will experience incredible levels of efficiency throughout the lifetime of the building. With the Samsung and an AAON Geothermal System in place, Lakeland Community College will have no worries when it comes to maintaining HVAC systems. Go Lakers!